Babyoga's Online Store is LIVE!

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It is with great excitement and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that we can finally say we are TAKING ORDERS! 

babyoga began as a quiet idea in the back of my mind as I watched my children grow. We looked out for them, watched their diet, and took careful watch over what materials their toys were composed of. Then one day it hit me, my child's clothing is in direct contact with their skin all day long and I have no CLUE as to what goes into their apparel. I also was worried that their current wardrobe was limiting their play.

I looked down at my own outfit, a soft crew neck tee and custom-hemmed yoga leggings. And that's when it hit me. Here I was, wearing yoga clothes as my everyday apparel, and I had never thought to find yoga clothes for my baby or toddler.

I went online and search "baby yoga clothing" and "yoga leggings for toddlers" but nothing came up. When I did find something close, it was covered in name brand patterns or cartoons that my child had no interest in, and simply put, wasn't how I dressed my kids. It also was made from uncomfortable textiles, not the organic cotton and bamboo blends I had ordered for myself.

The rest is history, and here we are. We've sourced the highest quality materials, worked and re-worked and re-designed each garment for optimal comfort, durability, and style. We're looking forward to growing this community of parents and children who are looking forward to being comfortable again, being natural again, and just playing again.

-Team babyoga

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