Why Organic Clothing Matters For Your Little One

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BPA-free baby bottles, baby gates, organic puffs– as parents, we spend a lot of time surrounding our children with products we believe will keep them safe and healthy, but while we spend a lot of time focusing on what we’re putting in their bodies, we often forget about what we are putting on their bodies. 


The skin is the body’s largest organ, and its first line of defense. However, that ultra-soft baby skin that we can’t get enough of, is so soft for a reason. Babies’ skin contains much smaller cells than adults, making it 3 to 5 times thinner. Translation: Babies’ skin is much more sensitive and permeable than that of adults. Another huge way babies explore their world (often much to our chagrin) is through their mouths. There’s a good chance whatever is in arms reach, is headed straight there– and what’s always within arm's reach? Their clothes. And finally, the last reason little ones are more vulnerable, may seem quite obvious, they are just that, little. Their little bodies are growing and making huge leaps and bounds in development every week, and the harmful substances found on some clothing can impede that healthy development.


In recent years, organic food has boomed. Concern with pesticides and chemicals being in our food has become a huge concern for parents worldwide. However, the very same chemicals can still be found on our clothing. Conventional, non-organic cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops; accounting for only 3% of the total farmed land area, but for 25% of the insecticides and 10% of the pesticides used worldwide. And then you have synthetic fabrics, many of which are entirely derived from petrochemicals.


So what can you, as a concerned parent, do? Look for more organic, natural materials to put your little ones in. Find materials that are eco-conscious, grown responsibly without all of the chemicals, and that you will feel safe putting your kids into. This is our priority here at babyoga, so we designed clothing that can MOVE, BREATHE, and GROW along with them.

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