How should I wash and dry my babyoga™ clothing?

We've designed babyoga™ clothing using the highest quality materials so that your little one is always protected and comfortable. Here are a few good reminders when it's time to do laundry:

Wash Gentle.

We recommend washing our products on a delicate, cold water cycle. Using a laundry detergent that is free of phosphates and also of added scent is a good way to protect not only the lifespan of your garments, but your child's skin as well.

Air Dry is Best, But We Get It.

Letting your babyoga™ clothing air dry is always the #1 option for keeping the quality of materials fully intact. But, we're parents too, and we know that stringing yoga leggings and onesies on a line or in a laundry room isn't always a realistic option. When using your dryer, always choose a low heat cycle. Many dryers have a delicate option as well for this.

Take a break!

Laundry is hard. Congratulate yourself with a coffee or tea for conquering that pile of babyoga™ clothes!